Real luxury : organic raw materials, artisanal & respectful methods

All Ashana.B Paris products are manufactured in France, by laboratories carrying out craftsmanship, with noble raw materials, exclusively natural, organic and vegan, of the best quality.Our raw materials have been carefully chosen for their virtues: shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera, black soap, baobab oil and castor oil, in order to answer the problems related to dryness of the skin and dehydration of the hair. .. Today, there is a real phenomenon of returning back to nature in particular in reaction to the overconsumption of chemicals for decades. This revolution is a growing movement that affects all types of populations: African, Caucasian, Asian and mixed.


Our goal is to achieve true luxury through products:

  • Bringing well-being and sublimating your natural beauty;

  • Created from the best original recipes and an ancestral technique;

  • Respecting the properties of the raw materials used,

  • Being fully biodegradable;

  • Respecting the nature of your skin, hair and environment, without using parabens, silicone or other harmful chemicals ;

  • And from an organic, ethical and rigorous agriculture.

Thus our products certified organic by French and European labels guaranteeing their naturalness: they meet the highest requirements. We ensure in particular :

  • A minimum of 98% of ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming;

  • A controlled manufacturing process;

  • The respect of environment;

  • Respect for animal welfare;

  • Greater vigilance on the health of the product;

  • Clear communication on packaging.

Our products also meet the declaration requirements of the European Commission (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal - CPNP).Ashana.B Paris is part of this return to the roots, bringing it a prestigious note!

Ashana.B is part of a revolution combining luxury, glamor and organic products that cleanse, hydrate and regenerate cells while respecting different types of skin, dry or oily, and different hair textures.