After studying fashion design and styling in Paris, Shana Barry had the opportunity to perform in fashion shows for great designers, and posed for renowned photographers. She then worked for fifteen years in international marketing for illustrious brands, eventually securing a senior manager position. A presenter of TV shows on the history of luxury, Shana also recently graduated as a life and business coach.

Through years of working in these prestigious circles, Shana has personally tested numerous beauty products but only natural raw materials could suit her delicate skin and hair. With the encouragement of her loved ones, she decided to build and develop her very own luxury cosmetic brand : Ashana.B PARIS, in order to offer products made of organic, natural and premium ingredients which respect and compliment every body and hair type. Thus, Shana is developing a forgotten form of elegance, a true return to the roots of health and well-being. She marks a break in the trend of artificial beauty that has been ongoing for far too long. 

Through Ashana.B cosmetics, the combination of Shana Barry's experience and creativity are now recognized as a safe bet. She has successfully created a delicate and sophisticated cocktail of tradition and modernity, luxury and nature, with a special blend of organic materials, mixing traditional products, original expertise, and refined care of the skin and hair, for men, women and children.

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