Get to know all about Ashana.B : the green-chic pioneer which offers organic and vegan skin and hair care for all beauties.


Shana Barry, the founder, dreams of a day that everyone would feel proud of their natural beauty and  good about themselves. Nobody deserves to feel as though his or her beauty is dismissed nor underrepresented.

Ashana.B’s mission is to provide natural, organic and luxurious beauty products that are officially certified - Qualité France and Cosmebio labels - to fit your everyday needs to care for your skin or hair.

We achieve this through exclusively using only the most premium, natural ingredients, crafted through exceptional innovation by French laboratories and therefore, creating the highest-quality products. All of our products aim to maximize moisture.

We place particular emphasis on creating products for those with sensitive skin and hair. Curly hair types, for instance, have limited products specifically tailored for them. No matter your skin and/or hair type, Ashana.B is developing products for you.

Ashana.B is starting a revolution against the mainstream beauty industry full of chemicals by offering glamorous natural and organic products that thoroughly cleanse, moisturize and regenerate cells while respecting the diversity of skin types and hair textures.


Ashana.B is working with men and women around the world to promote self-confidence, so that they can celebrate their own beauty and their differences without feeling marginal to the society.

 Digitally edited or altered pictures – through Photoshop and other techniques- are a form of alienation that drives many of us feeling insecure or not beautiful enough in comparison. The founder, Shana Barry, wishes to recall that there is no need to modify your beauty nor hide behind excessive layers of makeup to feel beautiful. Enhancing your beauty is about capturing a moment, not changing who you are. Celebrating your uniqueness is an empowering feeling for anyone.

Ashana.B exits the parabens, silicones and carcinogenic harmful cosmetics route, causing infertility, altering the pigmentation of the skin, causing excessive body hair growth and/or severe rashes ! Ashana.B’s beauty products are 100% free from any harmful chemical. 

 Join the revolution by refusing to purchase chemically altered products and find relief in the prestigious, natural products crafted by Ashana.B Paris. Our range of beauty products have been designed for men and women of all ages, skin and hair types.


Ashana.B is made-up of a small but passionate team who stands firmly behind Shana Barry’s vision.

We are bonded by a love for creativity, protecting the environment, and always keeping a positive attitude. We’ve been inspired by the nature that surrounds us – try any of our Ashana.B products and we bet you will be, too. 

A part of the profits of Ashana.B Paris will be dedicated to the charity "aFREEcan Progress", which will focus on the outreach, education and care of women, children and those with motor disabilities and blindness in West Africa. This contribution will help this charity to start its actions.