Black Soap

Black soap

Black soap is a natural alternative manufactured only with plants: 100% free of artificial coloring, preservatives and flavors. There are several techniques to make Black soap depending on the countries (Morocco, Guinea, Nigeria…).  It can be made of extracts from plantain, shea butter, honey or cocoa butter. Ashana.B Paris is using the Moroccan technique. Whatever its composition, Black soap is a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E and iron, which contributes to the cell renewal process and helps reinforce every skin and hair types.


Benefits on the body :

  • Cleanses skin: eliminates sebum, removes impurities, exfoliates dead cells, refines skin texture and makes shaving easier.

  • Hydrates the skin

  • Reduces skin problems, including inflammation and skin irritations

  • Renews the cell re-generation cycle

  • Exfoliates and protects skin

Benefits on the hair :

  • Cleanses scalp

  • Anti-dandruff action

  • Soften and streghtens hair

  • Makes hair shinier